Netherlands Snacks Thailand

Dutch Snacks Thailand


We make Dutch snacks such as beef croquettes, beef bitterballen, frikandels, Cheese soufflé (Dutch style) without any chemical additives, flavor enhancers, aroma enhancers, MSG (monosodium glutamate) and E substances.


Below pictures of how our products are packaged.


Dutch beef rouge Croquettes are packed by 3 and weight 85 grams per piece


Bitterballen packed in portions of 6 pieces. Total weight 170 grams


Dutch frikandels (100 grams each) 3 in a package. Pure chicken and pork and the best herbs.

After trying many times and try again now we have the same tastes and also very important the almost same structure as the Dutch frikandels.


Dutch style cheese soufflé are packaged by 3. Delicious slices Dutch Gouda cheese in a seasoned crispy outside.